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Celebrate life’s significant events and moments


My name is Catríona Cullen and I’m an Independent Wedding, Naming and Occasion Celebrant, based in Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland.

I love seeing people celebrate!! I honestly think we don’t celebrate the ordinary nearly enough.

Celebration doesn’t have to be ostentatious either; in fact, sometimes the more low-key the celebration or ceremony is, the more meaningful it is.

The Wedding ….

If you’re planning your Wedding Day; Congratulations!

I bet you already have a good idea of what that should look like, though maybe you’re still thinking about the actual Ceremony, and that’s where I can help you!

I can help you identify what would be a perfect ceremony for you, from the very simple to the more elaborate which might contain different elements, whatever works best for you as a couple, we’ll try to find that balance.

After an initial chat, I will be happy to offer suggestions in line with what works for you and which can add meaning to your special day.

Then my work begins to develop the Ceremony that is just right for you!!

You give me some sense of what you would like to include; perhaps some readings, poems, songs or passages that carry special meaning for you – look after the legal requirements – and have your unique wedding Ceremony.

Taking time to celebrate

How it works

Once you have booked your wedding date with me and paid a non-refundable booking deposit, we will set up a meeting.

I will spend time getting to know you as individuals and as a couple; what moments are special to you and what would be carry meaning for you for your wedding ceremony.

I can help you to write your own vows, or suggest some for you if you would prefer that.

I will write a wedding ceremony that reflects who you are and what is special and significant to you. The script emerges from our conversations, your stories, anecdotes, memorable events and trips, who you wish to honour and remember on the day. It will be a ceremony that is all YOU!

Love; the universal language

Include the elements that mean most to you – that could include a blend of traditional and personal preferences, reflecting your personality, culture and values – whatever it takes to create the Ceremony you want for your Day.

Each couple’s story is special and different, there are the smooth paths and the glitchy times….it all goes to form your story, your journey…let me share a little of it to develop your Wedding Ceremony script and make your Day the special occasion you deserve.

Finding your partner for life and love
Experiencing that togetherness

For me, the Wedding Ceremony is at the heart of your Day; it’s the part where the people who mean most to you gather to celebrate your commitment as a couple and where you declare your love to the world. It’s a big moment and all your friends and family are here to share it with you and to wish you well.

Best Friends…Soul Mates…a Wedding Day is a landmark event in the lives of any couple; it should be relaxed, enjoyable and fun.

Leave me to create a ceremony you’ll love and take the stress out of preparing for this part of your celebrations…leaving you to concentrate on enjoying your Wedding Day…

Feeling the joy!

love stories …don’t you think they’re the best part….
Where we met…our first date …some cherished moments…and funny stories…
We fall in love with each other..oh yes…

A question asked, an answer given, and now..

Here you are, as a couple, planning your Wedding Ceremony!! How exciting is that!! Let’s make it a very special day, with a Ceremony that has you at it’s heart!

Being out in nature and appreciating those elements!
Photo by Catríona

Please note; as an Independent Celebrant, I will not be able to legalise your marriage; that will need to be undertaken separately with a legal registrar.

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I am more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.